Flash Foxy
The OG of women’s climbing groups, Flash Foxy is the organizer of the annual Women’s Climbing Festivals in Bishop & Chattanooga.

Brown Girls Climb
A community of climbers of color who encourage diversity in the climbing community.

Ladies Climbing Coalition
A nonprofit created to connect and empower womxn through climbing.

Outdoor Women’s Alliance
A nonprofit encouraging women to get outdoors through a variety of events, meetups, and other programs.


No Man’s Land Film Festival
An all-female adventure film festival that hosts screenings across the country.

HiHeyHello Magazine
A print magazine celebrating women’s outdoor culture.

Sisu Magazine
A magazine for those who love outdoor adventures, focused on untold stories and underrepresented voices.

She Explores
A blog and podcast series highlighting creative women outdoors.


Têra Kaia
Basewear designed by women specifically for strong & active outdoor women.

Kula Cloth
An awesome antimicrobial pee cloth for anyone who squats to pee so you can ‘go’ outside.

Creators of the Go With Your Flow pack, which makes it easier for women to adventure while menstruating.


She Moves Mountains
Rock climbing clinics – from intro to outdoor climbing to trad leading – taught by women, for women.

Athena Rock Climbing
Creating a safe & inclusive space for all women (trans and cis) to climb and learn from a foundation of respect.

IRIS Alpine
Ice climbing, alpine climbing, and rock climbing (& skiing) clinics all led by women.

She Jumps
A nonprofit on a mission to encourage women & girls to participate in outdoor activities –
proudly repped by the half giraffe, half unicorn, all magic Girafficorn!