Beta for Better Climbing Photos

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Why do we climb?

We climb for the fun, the friends, the fresh air, the failure – and, of course, the sick photos of ourselves looking badass!

Sure, you might get some eye-rolling when you ask for a photo (or several) when you’re spending a day at the crag, but having photos of yourself crushing it is about more than just the ‘gram.

That photo can inspire you in your daily life, when you’re tired, burnt out, or the weather is keeping you off the rock. And an awesome photo reminds me you, that, hey, if I can climb up a literal mountain, I can do anything!

Why I can help!

Well, my blog is called Cameras & Carabiners for a reason! I’m a professional videographer, so I’ve spent years behind a lens. Since I fell head over heel hooks for climbing, I’ve been combining my two passions, so if my hands are not actually hanging onto the rocks, they are holding a camera.

This guide is not going to teach you how to be a professional photographer – you won’t find any info here about rigging ropes or ascending. And nothing about camera settings either.

But you will find easy tips to get past your mediocre photo plateau!

My goal is to share what I’ve learned from my years of experience shooting for everything from the Chicago Bulls to Big Brother to help you take photos that become your friends’ Facebook profiles or get that Instagram love. And not just for the likes, but for the memories!

For less than the cost of a quickdraw, get the ebook & get better pictures for $9!