“If you climb with a smile, that’s all that matters.” – Cedar Wright


Hi! Im Kate Sedrowski. Cameras and carabiners are a few of my favorite things.

(A few of my other favorite things include penguins, beer, gaff tape, and Canada.)

My mission is to create a community of badass women who support and encourage each other to get out of their comfort zones.

I also strive to capture moments of delight and bravery through my camera lens.

handheld camera op
Photo by Chris Ramirez

I dreamed of being a sports camera operator since I was in high school, and I have now shot everything from beach volleyball to NFL football, rugby to Major League Baseball, and ultimate frisbee to college basketball.

I also spent 6 seasons shooting for the Chicago Bulls, which could only be described as my dream job.

But I began to discover a new dream as I developed passions for climbing, traveling, and adventure – and that’s what I’m pursuing now.

farley lead climbing

I share my own stories and photos as I head down this path, and I’m also shining a light on strong women through the Beacons of Badassery interview series.

So happy to have you here! Climb on!