Climb Like a Girl

“Come on, you can do it! You got this!”

The chorus of encouragement came from a group of awesome women sitting on the bouldering mats at BKB Somerville.

Their shouts pushed me to make the move that I might have bailed on, saying “I can’t,” if I had been bouldering by myself.

It’s always an extra boost to have people cheering you on while you climb, but this was something special.

This is the power of Climb Like a Girl.

Ever since I started climbing, I’ve been thrilled to find many female climbing communities online, from Flash Foxy to Crux Crush, plus plenty of fantastic female climbers (hey, Kathy KarloIrene Yee, and Katie Boué, I’m looking at you) to provide inspiration.

But the Climb Like a Girl class at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville was the first time I felt the power of female climbing camaraderie in person.

I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by men.

Women on the technical side of TV production, especially in sports, are few and far between. And I’m used to it. I can be one of the guys.

So when I started climbing, it didn’t feel like a boys club to me. In fact, there were more women around than I’m normally used to.

Still, when I heard about the Climb Like a Girl class, I was immediately compelled to sign up. Sure, my friends were joining, too, but it was more than that.

I knew there would be something special about bringing together a group of strong women to kick ass in what has been a traditionally testosterone-heavy environment. And I couldn’t have been more right.

Learning technique from some seriously awesome climbers, like BKB route setter Nicole and total crusher Sara, was just the beginning.

It was amazing to watch other women try hard, improve, and just kill it on the wall. It was wonderful to have a chorus of cheers carry you to send a problem. And it was important to have a group of girls carve out our own space at the gym, and say, hey, we belong here.

I love climbing with anyone else who shares the passion for pulling themselves up rock (or plastic). Guys have been excellent teachers, belay partners, and cheerleaders for me.

But no matter who I climb with, I will always climb like a girl. And that is something to celebrate.

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  1. Can you please tell me where you found the top you are wearing in the photo? It’s awesome! Thank you!

    1. Hi Angela! I love this tank, too! I got it at my climbing gym, Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, but I don’t think they sell it anymore. However, they do have a new version out now! (And if you’re not near a BKB, I can take a pic of the new one and find out the price if you’re interested – just let me know!)

      1. How kind…I would love to see it! Then maybe I could call and order directly from them if I like it. I live in Tucson….kind of far from BKB 😉 Thank you!!

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