Do the Damn Thing

do the damn thing cover

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to jump off a cliff – not to die, but to fly?

This is how you can learn to try.

Is your fear holding you back from the adventures you want to have?

I know the feeling. But I’ve found that pushing myself beyond my comfort zone is always worth it.

I’ve traveled by myself (a lot!), moved to cities where I knew no one (several times!), and tried scary things while climbing (more times than I can count!). It gets easier, and yet, it’s still hard.

So I’m creating a guide to help you take the leap (or the tiny step!) forward into the unknown.

It will feature ways that have helped me do what I’ve wanted do despite the fear – and how you can do the same thing, too – along with tips for making progress when fear has you completely stuck.

The ebook will be released soon, but if you pre-order now, you can get it for only $12 (instead of $19).

Get the guide, and finally do the damn thing you’ve been dreaming of!