Lady Crusher Collective

Rumney, NH

lady crusher collective

A community of female (not just cis) climbers coming together to support each other in fighting our way up the rock and fighting for feminism.

Find your adventure, take a chance, and get out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Surround yourself with other women pushing their own limits while helping you push yours.

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Why the Lady Crusher Collective

The Climb Like a Girl class at BKB introduced me to the power of female camaraderie, which, truthfully, I had not experienced much in my life.

The feeling I got from that group was something that I wanted to cultivate, so one of the BKB community specialists and I decided to change the “ladies night” at the gym – which at the time was nothing more than a discounted day pass – into something that mattered.

We chatted about what we wanted it to look like, got together a group of female members and staff to brainstorm, and finally launched a women’s meetup.

Soon our little group grew into a community of awesome women.

Women who were afraid to boulder were trying it when being cheered on by other women. Women were working on beta that fit their bodies – and seeing someone like them send a problem or do a move made it seem possible. Women were finding belay partners to encourage them to a comeback after injury. Women were sharing the sexism they had seen in the gym – realizing it happens to all of us and we’re not imagining it. Women were taking over the workout space usually dominated by men to do a group workout.

Bringing a group of strong women together made us all stronger.

The goal of the Lady Crusher Collective is to take this type of community and spread the spirit far and wide, to gyms and crags everywhere.

Look forward to an online community and in-person events, such as group climbs, clinics, speakers, and more in the future.

In the meantime, join the Lady Crusher Collective on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!